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NSZZ Solidarność

Welcome to National Maritime Section NSZZ Solidarność

National Maritime Section NSZZ Solidarność was established on 4th of May 1989 in Szczecin, Poland due to difficult situation of Polish Seafarers working on Polish flag vessels and massive process of flagging out. The only way to secure a decent working conditions for our members was a change over from national to international level. As from 1991 a National Maritime Section NSZZ Solidarność  became a first ITF affiliate not only from Poland but also from so called “Eastern block”.

Today a National Maritime Section plays a vital role in Maritime Sector in Poland at workers and governmental level alike. National Maritime Section  belongs to the biggest Trade Union organization in Poland and is a guarantee of solid and fair partnership. We are currently a party of Collective Bargaining Agreements with Companies  mainly from Norway, Germany, UK and Cyprus and our industry specific trade Union Organizations are giving an unique service to our members.

National Maritime Section NSZZ Solidarność is a well-recognized Trade Union in Poland and abroad on ITF and ETF level as well is currently holding a both ITF Offices and Polish ITF Coordinator.